About Kansimba

Kansimba Lodge - Namibia

KANSIMBA - 'PLACE of the LION'. Past research confirms that the region was once populated with lions many years ago. Kansimba is nested into a set of surrounding mountain ranges from which several river runs past into the lower lying central region, supporting valuable habitats and nourishment for the antelopes that populate the region today.

Predators that are now still common and can be spotted on Kansimba regularly during day or night with our cameras include Leopards, Cheetahs, Caracal and the African Wild Cat. An interesting fact is that from the Hyena species, the BROWN Hyena has moved into this region to stay and can often be seen before sunrise and after sunset.

Several drinking holes and dams situated over the entire farm land provide adequate drinking water needs for the antelopes. Some of the water holes are equipped with hides to attract visitors and photographers for a closer view of the different species that will visit that waterhole.

Enjoy our game drives through the bush or hike with us in the mountains where the bushmen once lived hundreds of years ago. Kansimba is the perfect getaway and offers something for everyone. Let the bush rejuvenate and inspire you.